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J. Adams shoes-my shoe review adventrue

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I had purchased shoes before from the J. Adams brand and i was happy wit them. Well recently I saw a few more postings for promo’s via tomoson.com So i applied for a few styles.  Well to my surprise i was approved for all three shoe styles I had applied for. 

I’ve always been a little weary of purchasing clothing and shoes online because let’s face it who likes to deal with having to return a product that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you expect. Figuring that the last pair of shoes i had purchased were okay i threw caution to the wind and placed my orders. 

The shoes all arrived on the same day in one large box. I did a quick once over to make sure they were correct and left them for the following day. So here’s my thoughts on the 3 shoes I reviewed. I reviewed an ankle boot, a over the knee boot and a high heel. 

Note: I ordered all of these shoes a size larger because they didn’t have half sizes so all shoes are a size 10. You may also need to add an anti-slip pad on the soles of the shoes because they all have smooth soles. You may also want to weatherize the boots. 

Let’s start with the boots first. 

These boots are sold in this color and black. I found them comfortable. I did order them a size up because they didn’t have a half size shoe in stock. I usually range from a 8.5 to a 10 depending on the shoe and style. As mentioned earlier I ordered these and the other two shoes a size 10. I found them to be a bit snug when i tried them on but after a few minutes they seemed to conform to my feet. You may need to add an insole if you will wear these for long periods of time but they are what i had been looking for. The heel is a nice size and gives you stability.

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The next shoe I tried was an over the knee boot. Well via the Tomoson promo it stated as an over the knee boot. They are sold in 4 colors a vegan leather black, a suede black, a suede tan, and a suede taupe

I happened to purchase the suede tan. I would have bought the vegan leather black ones but in my opinion I thought i’d give off a bit of a dominatrix vibe wearing them (Take that however you’d like reader.) I was a little hesitant about these boots at first because I have large calves so I wondered how much give they would have. Well I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. Here’s a few more photos as an overview

Here’s a view of he back so you can see the laces. They are real laces you can loosen. The inside of the shoe has a panel on the back. 

the boots also have a zipper.

I was so happy when i put them on as I mentiioned because I they fit over my large calves perfectly. I didn’t have any issue pulling them on. Being  that I am only 5 ft 3 inches tall these boots are more of a thigh high boot but i loved them.  My feet were comfortable in them and the nice heel gives you good stability. 

This is what they looked like on. I didn’t feel too confined. The boots move with you and keep your legs warm. I also found that i didn’t have any skin irritation after I took them off. these boots would be cute with a number of different outfits.

For more info visit this link 


One to the last pair of shoes i tried. 

Let me start off by saying I like heels but I don’t have a use for them beyond a special occasion event. So when I saw these i figured i’d try them. I am also trying to step out of my comfort zone style wise.  

This heel is very lovely color wise. it’s sold in red suede, denim, pink suede, and a nude suede. I liked the red the best because it called my attention. Well when they arrived i was rather surprised to see how high they were. Granted i should have read the product description but in the picture they didn’t look too high. 

Here’s a side view of the shoe. As you can see it’s a bit on the high side but it offers a nice platform and an ankle strap. They were a little big but that’s not a big deal. 

These were my estimated measurements. As you can see i had a large numbered tape measure. But they are high. The platform does give you a stability to counter the heel height. I also found the heels to have some weight to them but not be extra clunky or heavy.

The ankle strap fit my legs perfectly. You may have to add a few notches to it if  it’s a little lose on your legs. Since I did buy them a side larger i had some extra room in toes. 

I did love the color.

When I stood up I noticed right off that I will need to learn how to walk in them. I’m usually use to wearing lower heels.as you can see the back of the heel does support the heel well.

 I was clomping around like a horse while  I was trying to gain my footing. Once I did I felt a little more confident in them. As i mentioned before i am trying to step out of my comfort zone style wise so this is a step in a new direction for me. 

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So there you have it. I was happy with the shoes in general. When i use them further i will share more. 

Disclaimer: I was able to purchase these shoes at a discounted price for leaving my honest opinion. Also for review and testing purposes

Vomercy Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers Stereo Sound Speaker

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This is a very high quality little speaker. The sound quality is great. It is a nice size and can be used on a table or a shelf. I’ve been streaming music from it for about an hour now. 

So it’s a basic rectangle speaker. I like this one because it has a on/off switch on the back and it comes with an USB charge along with AUX cable.

(Sorry for the blurry image I hope to get a new camera soon)

So as you can see from my very blurry picture it has everything you need to use it. I charged it straight out of the box. I think it charged in about 2 hours. Charging time will vary depending on how drained the battery is. 

The USB and AUX cables are a decent size. When you charge the speaker it gives you a red light and according to the direction when the battery is low it starts to flash red. It offers the standard blue bluetooth light. It blinks when the speaker is tuned on and it will make a chiming noise. When it pairs it notifies you with a connection noise as well. 

Everything is clearly labeled on the back as you can see. 

The top offers colorful buttons.

The minus and plus buttons are for the volume control. They are easy to press down and give a chime alert when you’ve reached the highest or lowest setting. On low you hear no sound at all. The rest are basic forward and back along with a Bluetooth button and an NFC button as well. You can use the speaker to answer phone calls as well if you sync it with your phone. 

I was able to pair the speaker with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and my Windows 10 laptop with in seconds. 

The sound quality is great. I have been varying songs over the last hour to see how well the sound quality holds up. So far so good. I’ve been able to listening to some instrumentals and some songs with roaring beats and I haven’t noticed any distortion. Granted this may vary due to sound volume and type of music but I can’t find any cons with this product so far. 

For more info visit this link:

Disclaimer: I was sent a free sample product for review and testing purposes.