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Make This Salvaged-Mantel Headboard

With its clean lines, a simple Federal-style mantel is a serious flea-market score—whether or not you have a firebox to surround. It finds new life here as an elephant headboard

The first step in its rehab: Strip the peeling paint. We used an eco-friendly gel stripper and hit the bare wood with an orbital sander before priming and painting. For the opening, we made an upholstered piece by taking 1x4s around the perimeter of a piece of plywood. Two-inch-thick foam rests in the center. We covered it with a layer of batting, followed by fabric. Brass nailhead trim lends a finishing touch. Deck screws attach it to the mantel. Gives curling up in front of the fireplace a whole new meaning.

See complete step-by-step and materials at the This Old House website.

Mantel headboard photograph by Wendell T. Webber

@Regrann from @best_cocktail_ – Your ultimate Sex on The Beach Drink:
2 oz vodka or rum
3.5 oz orange juice freshly squeezed
3.5 oz cranberry juice
2 splashes peach Schnapps
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 c ice + more as needed
Fill 2 high ball glasses with ice cubes ¾ of the way up.
Divide the vodka or rum between the two glasses, top with the cranberry, orange juice and a splash of the peach snaps on top. Add ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract as a float to each glass and enjoy !
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@Regrann from @best_cocktail_ – Learn how to make a DeKuyper® Blue Banana

1 part Pinnacle® Vodka
1.5 parts DeKuyper® Pucker® Island Punch Schnapps
1 part DeKuyper® Creme de Banana Liqueur
Splash of Pineapple Juice

Build over ice, stir gently, and serve.
Garnish with orange wheel and cherry flag
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Well the art supplies I posted earlier two sets of water color pencils, colored pencils and a set of markers found a new home. I hope @yadireviews enjoys them.