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@Regrann from @oxo – When DIY cauliflower rice is easier than going to the store… #CauliflowerRiceDrought2017

Interesting @Regrann from @oxo – When DIY cauliflower rice is easier than going to the store… #CauliflowerRiceDrought2017

Where’s My Spy Camera?

this is my thought exactly. Granted I didn’t order a spy camera like Bart but I’d like to know when my box will arrive.

Where’s My Spy Camera? this is my thought exactly. Granted I didn’t order a spy camera like Bart but I’d like to know when my box will arrive. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Advice To The Signs


Aries: Learn to let the past go. If you cling to it, it’ll only end up destroying you.

: the monsters can’t hurt you anymore, there’s nothing left to run from.

: Come to terms with yourself, as painful as it is. Become at peace with your wars.

Cancer: Pain is temporary, you can’t spend your life trying to avoid and minimize all the risks. You’ll take everything worth living for away.

: Draw your arrow. Stand and fight like the hero you fucking are.

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i am trying very hard. #gemini

The signs that the sign likes you


*probably check Venus as well*

~ shy but extremly excited
~ talks to you 26/9
~ isn’t as stubborn with you
~ lame pick up lines and random compliments
~ want to do things and go places with you

~ shy aF
~ lots of eye contact
~ laughs at your jokes
~ more touchy with you
~ shares EVERYTHING with you

~ will talk to you like a.l.w.a.y.s
~ and if not to you then ABOUT you
~ becomes more touchy
~ makes fun of you, but in a good way
~ always joking around and tries to make you laugh

~ asks you for advice and help (because they trust you that much)
~ shy flirter
~ always makes sure that you’re happy and nothing’s bothering you
~ isn’t afraid to talk about their emotions in front of you
~ caring mom

~ acts to you as if you were their best friend
~ wants you to pay attention to them 24/7
~ caring and loving even at their worst
~ buys you cute gifts and food
~ always wants to look good around you (tells you what they’ve acomplished and stuff)

~ always willing to help you with ANYTHING
~ tired but never of you
~ moves out of their comfort zone just to spend time with you
~ more goofy and talkative around you
~ will do cute little things for you to show you they like you

~ wants to take you everywhere with them
~ often reminds you of how amazing you are
~ flirty and romantic, but not too much
~ always seems happy around you
~ makes you laugh

~ talks with you about deep stuff
~ much more talkative around you then they usually are
~ maybe the strongest flirting out of all the signs
~ on and off towards you

~ wants to do everything with you (not everything but like… you know what i mean)
~ random (but really nice) compliments
~ bullies you in one minute, cuddles you in second
~ pays more attention to you then they do to others (in public for example)
~ honestly you will most likely KNOW because they won’t really try to hide it

~ lets you in their world (= is more openminded about their emotions)
~ more goofy, excited an talkative around you
~ romantic (!)
~ talks to you about your passions
~ shares their favourite music with you

~ talks about you with literally EVERYONE except you
~ talks to you a lot and pays a lot of attention to you
~ bullies you
~ lip flirting (smiling, biting their lips,…)
~ isn’t that afraid to talk about more deep stuff with you

~ stares at you a lot and can also be touchy
~ wants to know everything about you
~ shy shy shy
~ always super protective
~ want to help you with whatever you’re doing

Signs as Harry Potter Spells

Aries: Crucio – second unforgivable curse, tortures your opponent mercilessly
Taurus: Confringo – blasting curse, causes the targeted item to explode
Gemini: Bombarda – causes a small, contained explosion
Cancer: Accio – brings an object to you
Leo: Confundus – makes your target temporarily confused
Virgo: Episkey – heals relatively minor wounds
Libra: Levicorpus – turns your opponent upside down and dangles them in the air
Scorpio: Avada Kedavra – the unforgivable curse, kills your opponents
Sagittarius: Lumos – creates light
Capricorn: Wingardium Leviosa – allows user to make an object levitate
Aquarius: Silencio – makes target unable to make any sound
Pisces: Stupefy – stupefies an opponent

For the Potter Fan’s I know

the signs as skies

Aries: Fiery, passionate red sunset with yellow clouds. Looks like the world is going to end.
Taurus: Sunrises, pinkish-orange with loose clouds, that look like a painting.
Gemini: Peaceful, white snowy skies in the mornings, where you can see all the stars.
Cancer: the sky at noon, bluest sky with animated, puffy clouds. Filled with trails of departing airplanes.
Leo: The sky right before night fall. Dusk. Purple sky that forcefully merges into pink.
Virgo: Very pale, frisky morning sky. Splattered layers of clouds that mix into pale yellow.
Libra: Clear, blue sky with the
Scorpio: strange purple apocalyptic sky with swooshed cloud. Looks like the sky is going to fall.
Sagittarius: Pink, hazy mist in the morning sky. The clouds all seem to to be pulled towards one spot.
Capricorn: Empty, dark grey sky at 12 a.m where you can see all the stars and the moon radiating.
Aquarius: the sky in the north, where you can see the aurora borealis hanging above in the sky
Pisces: Bright blue sky which gradually turns into pink, then orange and then red. Heavy purple clouds.