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Well I came across another interesting article on sex bots. Yes I know the topic is not for everyone but I’d love to hear you thoughts on the subject either here or on my blog. Link in bio. Oh yeah I also linked a prior post that had a few other articles on the topic as well

Cnet article that caught my attention

I just came across this article titled 

  Dawn of the sexbots 


I have come across a few of these articles lately.You can read and view previous articles here.  Granted the content is not for everyone but I find it an interesting read. I also find it rather fascinating that products such as these are being developed.

Yes, I understand they may have an actual use to help people who are lonely but it still makes me wonder. Yet again it fascinates me in a way to see how much money goes into the development of these products which in some ways could be put to better use elsewhere. 

Feel free to share your thoughts on the topics in the comments. 

The signs after pulling off an all-nighter


Aries: Gets angry

Taurus: Trips and falls over everything

Gemini: Rambles about pretty much everything

Cancer: Gets sentimental about the weirdest little things

Leo: Clings and doesn’t let go

Virgo: Twitches and mumbles incoherently

Libra: Talks to inanimate objects

Scorpio: Appears to be death glaring but is actually dozing off

Sagittarius: Says generally meaningful things about life

Capricorn: Falls asleep everywhere

Aquarius: Claims to have found aliens

Pisces: Hallucinates

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The signs and how they treat their phone


Its their baby and they are super careful with it: LEO, VIRGO, AQUARIUS, LIBRA


Is paranoid about losing their phone they even have nightmares about losing it: CAPRICORN, PISCES, SCORPIO, GEMINI


Their phone is their diary, they keep everything on it, its a paper-free record of their life is also kinda clumsy with their phone: TAURUS, SAGITTARIUS, CANCER, ARIES