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Internet Anonymity- Does it give you the right to be a bully?

Update 6-12-2017: 

This topic has been on my mind over the last few days. I don’t know if it’s me or if anyone else has noticed more and more internet trolls or bullies whichever term you prefer. I have also noticed many angry comments when reading articles over the past few weeks as well. Some comments are completely unrelated to the article topic. I know screen names give us a sense of anonymity but sometimes people can go too far.

I was thinking about the internet the other day. I find it interesting how connected we all have become thanks to the world-wide-web. We can now purchase items in as little as a few clicks. You can chat with your family from anywhere along with updating your social status, find a date or even order dinner. With all of these advancements, I was wondering how easy it can be for people to still remain anonymous while using the net.

I’ve used chat rooms in one form or another for years. I used them when I was in college taking online courses. I’ve also used them while using gaming sites. I’m not opposed to them I’ve made many “online friends” using these examples. What I’m trying to point out is that I find it interesting that people think that by creating a username they suddenly have free reign over others. For anyone who has ever been harassed online, you know what I’m talking about. I understand that we all feel that we can hide (for the lack of a better term) behind our screen names but sometimes people go too far.Personally, I’ve witnessed people be harassed online on a gaming site I use of all places. As someone who’s been harassed in this manner let me tell you it’s not fun. This boggles my mind why on earth bother another person you don’t even know.

I think we all have our “Online” and “Offline” personalities. But then again with the freedom to be anonymous or even hide behind a screen name those lines begin to blur. I wonder about people who take the time to harass others online. Do they feel powerful being able to hide behind their screen name? Do they feel their jabs at others give them a sense of superiority? Or are they someone who feels that having a keyboard allows them to spread their stupidity?

I have yet to have that question answered but I know this much no one likes a bully.

What are your thoughts on this topic?