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An open letter to my friend


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Last night  I had a chat with one of my friends via Skype. Well after a two-hour conversation I realized no matter what advice I gave they weren’t going to listen.

I think we all have friends who have struggles be them professional, personal or even day to day ones. I will call myself out on this as well. But as I was trying to fall asleep last night the chat kept replaying in my head. Well, this thought struck me to post an open letter to my friend.

Dear Friend,

I know you are having struggles but you are not the only one as you’ve so plainly pointed out last night. I understand that you feel like your world is not fulfilled because you don’t have what you so desire. I can relate to that on one level or another. But as I said not everything is so easily solved and everyone is different. You are doing the best you can to reach your goal. 

That being said I don’t always understand what you’re going through I can say I do but I don’t. That’s my only way of consoling you when you are hurting.I’ve shared countless ideas or advice that is not taken. Yes, you are your own person. You’re also stubborn and want it your way. But you find my advice to be true sometimes you’ve admitted that to me yourself. 

I’m not saying your right or wrong in your pursuit of what you want. I’m just saying you need to take a step back and evaluate other options. Maybe this is a lesson to teach you patience or maybe you will find another way to gain what you so truly desire. 

All I can do is listen and try my best to give you other suggestions. Those of which are up to you to decide if you will take them or not. Knowing you I think it will be the latter. I can’t blame you for that but I do wish you would be more open to certain ideas or suggestions. Not everything will be free as we talked about last night. Also, you need to do your part as well and find out as much as you can.

But at this point, I can only say don’t give up on your goal. You’ll find a way to fulfill your desire.

Your Friend,


Do you have any suggestion on how to deal with a friend who’s struggling?

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