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3D Printing at the Library

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(photo was taken with permission of staff at the Arlington Library)

A few weeks back my city ( Riverside, CA) library department announced they would be having 3D printers available for the public to use. I found this very interesting. The first time I saw the 3D printer was on a day I went to volunteer.I volunteer at my local branch.  I volunteer at the Arlington Branch a few times a month. 

I was excited to see some of the items the library Instagram and facebook pages were posting. Once the printer was set up I was curious to learn more. So I had a chat with one of the staff member’s who let me know how the printer worked and what you needed to do.

this link explains more 


I ended up finding the item I wanted to print via https://www.thingiverse.com I was chatting with a staff member when I joked that I thought I wanted to 3D print a version of Han Solo in carbonite. Once the staff member found the file for me we filled out the form.

the form is basic it requires your name, library card number, what color you would like your 3D printed item in (colors vary by location) along with contact info. 

Here are some examples of a few other items f has printed over the last few weeks. I will say depending on the size of the item printing time will vary. Library staff can explain more of that to you when present the file you’d like to use. There is a 6 hr print limit. 

You will be notified once your 3D print is ready to be picked up. I had forgotten about mine, to be honest. I picked it up last week when I went to volunteer.

This is what my print turned out like. I opted to print it in black because Arlington didn’t have gray. 

As you can see it’s a solid piece of plastic. it’s rigid and can stand on its end. Here are some more pictures I just took

 It’s about 4 to 5 inches long. 

the back is solid and textured.

this side view shows you the better detail of the face and the hands. All in all, i am happy with my 3D print. I will display it proudly on my desk. 

So stop on by one of the 8 branches to find out more. 

I would like to thank the Arlington branch staff for allowing me to take pictures and a short video I will post showing how the 3D printer works. 

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