Olive chips

I was sent a free sample bag of Olive Tortilla chips from Food Should Taste Good. To be honest I was rather intrigued by this flavor because I had never come across anything like it before. It offered a new spin on standard tortilla chip flavors. I like that you can actually taste the olive flavor. It offers the sharpness of Kalamata along with a hint of standard green and black olives.

I like how it also offers you a bit of bite with a slight garlic flavor. They aren’t salty which is great. They taste great alone or with a dip of your choice. Today I tried them with a  plain grilled cheese sandwich. I found them to be right up my alley. They offer a flavorful diversion from the stand tortilla chip. The best part of all is that it can also double as a cracker due to its round shape. For more info on this product please visit the link below.

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

I was sent a sample of Food Should Taste Good’s Blue Corn Tortilla chips to evaluate. To be honest I think I had eaten Blue Corn Chips maybe once or twice in my life. These offered a new tasting experience for me. To be honest I was a little curious since they are a blue corn chip with a multigrain twist. They offer a new flavor burst when you bite into them. Due to the fact that they feature such ingredients as brown rice flower,flax , sesame , and sun flower seeds.

Being that most of the tortilla chips I eat tend to be rather salty this was s nice departure from the tons of salt because these chips seem to be seasoned to perfection. I also found the taste to be very inviting. Instead of tasting the corn initially you are hit with a flavor burst that allows you to savor the multitude of flavors.

They are great to have as a snack or with a dip or to accompany a sandwich. To learn more about these chips and other Food Should Taste Good products please visit the link below.

Mrs. Meyer’s Geranium Scent counter top spray

I was sent a sample to test of Mrs Meyer’s Geranium Scent Counter Top spray from I was a little cautious at first since I have tried natural cleaners in the past and found them not to be very effective. Boy was I wrong this time. It cleaned great with out leaving any type of residue on the surfaces I cleaned. It left my sealed wood kitchen table smelling clean and crumb free. I also used it to clean my bathroom sink along with with my chrome fixtures. It left the fixtures shinier then any other cleaner I’ve ever tried. It cut thorough grime and soap scum with ease. I used the cleaner with gloved on and without gloves. I found that it didn’t irritate my hands when I wasn’t using gloves. It also rinses off your hands clean.

However, I did find that it smelled more like roses than geraniums. I also can say to for sensitive people you may want to use a little at a time because it can have an overwhelming floral scent. Besides that I will recommend this product to friends and family and look into purchasing further products from Mrs. Meyer’s.

Power outage reminders

It’s funny how a little thing like a power outage can turn our lives upside down these days.  I know it’s not the end of the world but somehow you feel helpless. Being that I live in an older 1950’s home I have come to expect things to happen when So. California has weather events but every time we have a power outage I am reminded of things that I can’t use.

The obvious ones are not being able to watch TV or play video games. But you tend to forget like I did that if you have fiber optic phone and internet that goes down too. I was also reminded that you aren’t able to use the water dispenser in the refrigerator. Or use the a gas stove unless you light it by hand.


I was out today running errands and I saw lady with some ratty looking house slippers on. They had once been red now they were smeared black and quite dirty. The women walked on down the aisle like nothing with here child and another adult in tow. My question to you readers is which is worse the pajama craze or the fluffy, character or just run of the mill house slippers out in public. I think they are both bad not only for us who see people who no longer care to get dressed to leave their home but for our outlook as a society.

Feel free to comment your opinion.


I think we have all suffered some form of loss in our lives. Everyone deals with a loss differently but I think no matter how much you tell yourself it will be okay a part of you knows that it isn’t.That said every loss is different some you can prepare for and others are so sudden that you are left reeling trying to find your grasp on reality. We deal with loss in day to day life be it a loss of a job or a friendship. One  of the hardest losses for us as individuals is the loss of a family member. Be it a close family or extended family the person who was lost effects your life in some way.  I like many have suffered loss in my life but I think the most profound and sudden of all losses that still effects me to this day is the loss of my only sibling.

we all have special connects with our close family but I think the connection between siblings is a special one because you have that person in your life to help guide you through. I think now matter how much you fight and bicker you will always be there for each other. It was very hard to hear that I lost my only sibling 7 years ago today. Nothing can prepare you for news like that. To me it felt like being in a waking nightmare. After having my brother in my life for nearly 25 years I just could believe it was true. It was hard for me to grasp that I now longer had anyone I could call up and ask stupid questions to or just to see what he was doing.

Now 7 years later I’ve had to learn to be an only child and how to deal with the fact that I will be the one who will have to deal with my parents in their golden years. I still find it very hard to identify with being an only child since I had a sibling for so long. Even now every once and a while when I see a older brother with his little sister I try not to cry. I think my biggest fear now is forgetting him and all the things he taught me. One of the biggest things he brought to my life was the love of music and movies. He expanded my horizons in learning too. He always told me I could do anything. I’ve managed to convey some sort of normalcy but I don’t think I will ever fully be “normal” again. Thanks to the help of my family and friends I have gotten a little better but I think I still have a long way to go. Thanks again to my friends who helped me get through and have stood by me in this long journey.

I will never undestand (sorry if it rambles)

I will never understand people (I think we all know a few)  who have to tell you all about every new tech gadget or goodie they buy. I always wonder if it is their attempt to be acknowledged for having everything under the sun or if they just like to brag. I am also puzzled when in the same sentence they state that they have trouble making end meet.

At that statement  I just think “okay if you really weigh your wants versus needs you can solve that problem."It may just be no that I’ve gotten older or maybe because I wound up in a lot of debt that I think this is an odd way of thinking. I had help from my parents to help me with my debt but still I will owe them for the rest of my life pretty much. With that in mind now I have learned to live on a budget somewhat and try my best to only buy what I need and leave the wants for when I have extra cash or a gift card. I think if we all tried to live with in our means things would be better for everyone.

In the end all I can say is that if you really need to tell people about everything you have from me you will hear this response, "Good for you.”