Article found via Aunty Acid via Facebook

FYI article is Adult Content so it’s Not Safe for Work.

The articles I find.  I happened upon this posting via Facebook. I thought I’d share it to see what you all think about it. I don’t usually post things like this but the article and the subject is a bit of an intriguing fascination. I’ll let you all form your own opinions on the topic. Feel free to comment I’d love to hear what you all have to say.

Interact my friend suggested

Recently I shared how I had been having random people message me via social sites. Well, one of my friends suggested I interact with said people. I’ve done this and most of the time I can see the scam requests quickly. Today, however, my interaction is now becoming a game of 20 questions and some so-called flattery thrown in. Why me? I’ve had a few good laughs though.