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i am sorry for your
angry fists,
but just keep them in your pockets,
just keep the hurricane in your pockets this time.

you were made to hurt
as you were made to fly,
you were made to love him
as you were made to love others.

kiss your body electric,
kiss your starry knees and your bright
paint brush fingertips,
kiss your pain goodbye.

you were beautiful before
you were told so,
just like you are loved
even when you cannot feel it.

i know that her eyes are
so bright,
but so is our soul and
your soul is your home.

your apologies trapped in your skull
like fluttering birds,
but i promise you
that you are still yours.

being split open is only
one step closer to being filled,
even sutures and stitches

do not let this destroy you,
this is not a disease,
do not let this destroy you,
we do not want to find your body.

i know that it hurts but
that is the way of growing pains,
you are growing you are growing,
this can only make you more beautiful.

i want to tell you about
all the ways that it gets better,
though it seems that soon
you’ll see for yourself.

the emptiness is ringing but
you deserve to be with someone
who does not see your love
as an annoyance.

wipe away your tears,
this is not your end,
you are above this,
it is only your beginning.

for the signs: moving on; l.m. (via apoeticmythos)

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