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Common Misconceptions About The Signs and Why They’re Wrong

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1. Aries:

Aries is noted for being a tenacious go getter, easily working their way through social situations in order to climb the ladder of success. Though this is true to an extent, Aries has a complex mind and needs a certain amount of solitude in order to keep their daily routine stable.

2. Taurus:

Taurus has a stereotype of being self centered- although concerning the ones they love this couldn’t be farther from the truth. They will stubbornly do everything they can to help a loved one, even if it requires a certain amount of self sacrifice.

3. Gemini:

Gemini folk have a reputation of being detached or unaffected by romantic woes- however when betrayed or hurt during a relationship their reaction can be somewhat similar to the water sign Scorpio, which is different than them in almost every way besides the urge to be destructive when scorned.

4. Cancer:

Cancers are known for being soft hearted and docile. This theory has no truth to it when someone takes Cancers kindness for granted or uses them. A Cancer will not forgive or forget that sort of disregard- and can in fact become quite ruthless if something provokes them enough to irateness.

5. Leo:

Leo people are said to be extremely self-absorbed and prideful. While this may be true for many of them early on in life, the transform as they get older into quite humble- or even charitable human beings.

6. Virgo:

Virgos have a reputation for being unemotional and unphased by hardships. This isn’t accurate, Virgos bury things deep down inside them for the sake of keeping their composure. Whether or not the address the emotional issue head on enough to let it go, or ignore it to the point where it eats them up inside becomes a life-long struggle.

7. Libra:

Some people would call Libra a superficial sign- while it’s true that sometimes Libra gets distracted by superficial things, they really don’t place as much importance in them as most people say they do. They desire a good heart in others more than anything material or vain- they will not stick with someone or something for superficial reasons.

8. Scorpio:

Scorpio folk have a reputation for being a highly vindictive, vicious, and jealous sign. Seething with emotion that will eventually cause them to take out their frustration on others. However Scorpio is a sign that as a rule, goes through many transformations in life. At a certain point they realize revenge and grudges are a waste of time- they acquire incredible emotional strength. The greatest virtue of Scorpio is their wisdom.

9. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius individuals are known for being self-assured party animals, confident folks of a jovial nature. While for the most part this is true, Sagittarius also suffers from insecurity and desires to love, and be loved faithfully in return. As much as they enjoy social interaction and large gatherings they are also perfectly content with staying at home and watching movies with a close friend.

10. Capricorn:

Most people would describe Capricorn as serious and some would even say boring. Both of these stereotypes aren’t accounting for major parts of Capricorns personality. They’re extremely goofy and hilarious when you get to know them well enough, far from boring and always finding little projects to pour their energy into.

11. Aquarius:

Aquarius people are also noted for being emotionally detached, but the stereotype doesn’t account for their need to check in on their loved ones. Bouts of worrying sometimes trouble them when they think about their loved ones getting into danger or being harmed. Because of this they have a tenancy to constantly text or call those they care about in order to make sure they’re alright.

12. Pisces:

Most describe Pisces folk as shy people who don’t respond well to overwhelming social situations. While it’s true that Pisces are dreamy, imaginative people who require alone time- to say that they’re uncomfortable talking to other people is simply not true. Without other people around they can become quite lonely or depressed- being around friends brings out a fun side in them. When comfortable, Pisces can be one of the most talkative signs.

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