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Contacting companies-What I’ve learned so far

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been contacting companies and asking them if they offer ambassador programs or something similar. I came across an article about brand ambassadors last year and figured it might be something I’d like to try.

I was sitting at my desk one day and figured I’d contact all the companies I use regularly. For instance, I emailed Sharpie, 3M, paper mate and a few others.I use the contact us link via their websites. I select the other option in the drop down lists. I keep my question short and simple.

Here’s two examples I’ve used lately

I was writing to ask if Scotch has an ambassador program. I have a small blog and I would love to share more about scotch products with my readers.

I have a small blog and would love to share more info about command products with my readers. Does Command have a brand ambassador program?

many companies reply with in a day or two of your email being submitted. Some depending on the time of day may reply back in the same day.

In terms of replies many have send me a simple reply of not that they do offer ambassador programs at this time. Others have let me know that they have forwarded my email to their marketing department for further review.

I will say this much 3M let me know that they forwarded my requests to their Blogger management department.

I will say this much I learned that two companies do offer links for bloggers.

Rustoleum has a sign up page for bloggers to contact them.


Wet n Wild Cosmetics offer a subject line under their contact us link on becoming a blogger or beauty adviser.


Also i recently became part of this Velcro brand group as well


We will see where this goes. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the subject with me.

Have you become a brand ambassador?

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