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@Regrann from @best_cocktail_ – I realize I’ve been doing a lot of Tiki and rum lately, but it’s August so I feel like it’s my prerogative.

1 oz @rhumjm silver rhum agricole
1 oz @drinkeldorado five year Demerara rum
½ oz allspice dram
¼ oz cinnamon syrup
1 lime, quartered
½ an overripe banana
2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Everything muddled together, then shaken, then double-strained over fresh cracked ice. Garnished with fresh mint.

This is a very tasty, refreshing drink, with bright fresh lime and earthy, fruity banana as the first two flavors that pop out, followed by some layers of warm tropical spices: the allspice, the cinnamon, and everything going on in the Angostura bitters.

The rhum agricole’s dry grassiness is a nice balance to the banana’s intense fruity sweetness. I think this could be too rich if it were all Demerara, instead of a split base.
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