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@Regrann from @best_cocktail_ – The folks at @bundabergdrinks sent me some samples of their mixers, including their ginger beer. Serendipitously, @imbibe just posted a couple of amaro-driven Mules, so I had to give them a try. The first is Ivan Drago’s Fernet Mule from @cravefishbar:

1 ½ oz @fernetbranca Fernet
¾ oz lime
@bundabergdrinks ginger beer

Built over ice, topped with the ginger beer, and stirred a bit. Mules weren’t meant to be overthought.

Lots of bitterness and mint throughout, as you’d expect from the Fernet, but the bitterness is balanced and mellowed by the lime and ginger. Bundaberg makes a sweet ginger beer, and I normally prefer mine drier, but it’s a nice foil in an amaro-driven drink. Light and effervescent, it doesn’t feel like a dark, syrupy digestif, despite all the Fernet. Finishes with a nice, mellow chocolate.
📷 from @liquorary
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