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Gemini Sun Aries Moon: Bubble gum and yellow paint.
Gemini Sun Taurus Moon: Lemon scent and friendship bracelets.
Gemini Sun Gemini Moon: Lavender fields and cursive on fine stationary.
Gemini Sun Cancer Moon: Showing shoulder and starry nights.
Gemini Sun Leo Moon: Melted gold and outgoing eyes.
Gemini Sun Virgo Moon: Old books and a chess set.
Gemini Sun Libra Moon: Lip-gloss and whispers.
Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon: Smoke and mirrors and black lipstick.
Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Merry-Go-Round and fast-paced beat.
Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon: Perfect cat-eye and the smell of a fresh pack of gum.
Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon: Electricity and high clouds.
Gemini Sun Pisces Moon: Loose glitter and welcoming smile.

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