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Huhuhero Double-Ended Watercolor markers (set of 36)

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I’ve shared a few things from Huhuhero in the past. I like their markers and have shared them with family when I’m done with them. So far I’ve had nothing but high-quality items from them.Well, this latest marker set is not different.

It’s similar to the penart set I reviewed you can read more about that here. 


As you can see it offers a wide variety of colors. The set offers black, brown, blue, yellow, greens, and purples. It even has a few reds and a light gray. 

The tips are clearly labeled.


it shows you the brush and fine icon along the text.

Fine tip


The fine tip gives you detailed lines and would be great for writing or coloring detailed areas.

Brush tip


The brush tip does give you great control and creates wide lines as you can see. This tip would be great for coloring in a large area or when using the watercolor effect. 

Doodle results

I drew a few doodles to see how the markers worked out. I will say this much i wasn’t disappointed by the color, pigment, or brightness. They gave me nice concise lines and didn’t seem to bleed through the paper I was using. I would suggest however that you place an extra sheet of paper or cardboard under your drawing surface just to be safe. 



This was my first drawing. I didn’t have a real idea in mind I just sat and drew. I used the fine tip and the brush tip. I also tested out the watercolor effect on her shirt. FYI I’ve never named my doodle couple so forgive the her and him reference. This is a scanned copy by the way. But even with that, you can still see the bright colors transferred well.

I think the watercolor worked out well as you can see the red blended out well even with the fine tip. You will need to supply your own paint brush to try this out. I will have to practice a bit on using this but I think it wasn’t too bad. You can also tell that it worked okay for her hair as well. you still see the lines but you see that it was blended outward a bit.

Brush Tip Doodle


This is another scanned picture of the second doodle I drew. I used the brush tip this time. You can see it gives you nice wide lines. I really did like the addition of the olive color in the set. I can find many uses for that. 

I will admit there were many colors I didn’t use but I will when I have a chance.

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