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I was lucky enough to be selected to review this product a few weeks back. I was sent a full-size free sample from 0.8 Liter USA and SEP Beauty. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with 0.8 Liter let me give share a little more info regarding the site. 0.8 Liter is a site you can join for free. They showcase items from Asia and the US as well. You can apply to review items or you can purchase items for a small fee. This varies by the item. Some start at around $3.99. I created a walkthrough of the site a few weeks ago. You can check it out here.  FYI reviewer selection is random. You just need to keep applying or try (buying) items you like. I personally haven’t bought anything yet so I don’t know how that process works. 


This picture gives you a better view of the color shade. As you can see it’s green. SEP LIQUID STICKER NAIL  is sold in a variety of colors. The options that 0.8L had were limited so I figured I’d try green. 

Well, I was very happy when I learned I was approved for the product review opportunity. 

The Test

I tried the SEP product the day it arrived. It is like a regular nail polish you will need to shake it. The info on the bottle was in Korean but I went to SEP’s website and found out how to use the product. 

SEP suggests you apply two coats of polish for easier removal. So I set to work painting my nails. 


The brush is a bit smaller than usual nail polishes I’ve used. It does give you a nice even coat, however. As you can see my nails were very colorful It was a little runny at first but after I shook the bottle it seemed to solidify a bit. 

Drying time may vary depending on the weather. The day I did my nails it was warm so I think they dried within 10 minutes or so. 

Once the LIQUID STICKER NAIL dries you can peel off any excess that was on your fingers. 

The Results

Here’s what my nails looked like once I was done.


SEP LIQUID STICKER NAIL is shiny and it dries almost like vinyl in my opinion. I will add that the STICKER NAIL does have a bit of a smell too it. it’s not too harsh but it is noticeable. 


In this photo, you can see how the STICKER NAIL shaped to my nails and how it has a bit of a sheen to it. Being that the polish is easy to remove you may have some chipping quickly. I know I did. 

I also had a few of my nails lose polish while I was in the shower. I had thought my nails were fully dry but I guess they weren’t. The polish peeled off in one piece due to the warm water. 


This was no big deal I just went ahead and repainted my nails. 

My Final Thoughts 

I can say this much SEP LIQUID STICKER NAIL is a unique product. It did its job for a short period. I ended up keeping the polish on for nearly a full day after I took the above pictures. By 2 or 3 p.m. the following day I’d lost polish again. The nice thing is that it peels off in the shape of your nail.


All in all this polish would be great for a night out or if you just need a short-term nail color. This may vary from person to person. I found it easy to use and easy to remove. I did love that I could peel it off so no need for nail polish remover. I was happy with the product’s ease of use. 

You can learn more about this product or 0.8 Liter by visiting the links provided below and throughout the post.



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