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Planets in the First House

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In astrology, the first house represents self expression, identity, how one views the world and how the world views them.

Sun: Having Sun in the First House means you identify strongly with the image you present to others. Natives of this placement are optimistic, brave, competitive and natural born leaders. They just emit a light and warm presence. Their best self is displayed when they have made a mark on the world and when they are not obsessed over what others think about them. Although natives of this placement exude a confident aura, they have a sensitive ego that they feel they must protect. 

Natives with Moon in the First House view the world through emotions. They are sensitive, intuitive, “baby-like” and expressive. As the moon changes phases, so do natives with this placement. Their emotions color their expression and as a result, they cannot hide how they truly feel. People may perceive them to be fragile and weak because of how sensitive they come across. They have a strong sense of empathy because they are attuned to the emotions of others. In addition, natives have a keen intuition because they are drawn to the moon’s psychic energy. 

Mercury: With Mercury in the First House, natives have a powerful need of self-expression through communication. They are intelligent, witty, humorous, versatile and curious. Since they enjoy talking and communicating, they have outstanding social skills. Natives truly want to interact with all walks of life. They have a restless quench for knowledge that can only by satisfied by traveling, exploring and experiences all of life’s riches. 

Venus: With Venus in the First House, natives view the world through beauty and art. They are elegant, poised, charming, charismatic and fit the ideal representation of society’s standards of beauty. Natives are easy to befriend because of how polite and pleasant they come across to others. Appreciation for art and beautiful objects are two significant things natives of this placement value and resonate with. While natives of this placement are pleasant and kind, they can also be very persuasive. Natives will use their charm for diplomacy, justice and to “keep the peace”. 

Mars: With Mars in the First House, natives view the world through actions. They are active, energetic, dynamic and straightforward. New endeavors are begun with force, intuition and instincts. Natives tend to go through life being headstrong and may not fully think things through before doing something. As a result, others view natives of this placement as motivated, aggressive and even confrontational. They truly are not intimidated by what the world has to offer for them as they speak with their body language. 

Jupiter: With Jupiter in the First House, natives view the world through optimism and philosophy. They are enthusiastic, “happy-go-lucky”, knowledgeable, wise and “larger than life”. Philosophy is deeply important for natives because they need to sustain some type of perspective on life. As a result, natives can be very explorative and adventurous. They seriously do not want to be tied down by societal means. Others view natives of this placement as extremely loud and wise because of how expansive and open-minded they come across. 

Saturn: With Saturn in the First House, natives view the world through business and responsibilities. They appear serious, stoic, “adult-like” and people may say they have a “resting bitch face”. Natives of this placement had to deal with adult-sized concerns from an early age and as a result, they feel as though they are carrying the weight of world on their shoulders. Since they are old souls, they yearn to be taken seriously by others. An ability natives of this placement have is self-control. 

Uranus: With Uranus in the First House, natives are not afraid to stand out and have unorthodox perspectives. They are eccentric, unconventional, idiosyncratic and rebellious. While society teaches people to conform to the rules and stay within a box, natives of this placement recognize the box, but do not care much about it. Since natives choose to be bold, different and non-conformist, they may feel like outsiders. It is not because they are not completely accepted by society, but it is more so the fact they are ahead of their time. They are wise and progressive souls with ideas that foster reform, innovation and advancement. 

Neptune: With Neptune in the First House, natives express themselves artistically, sensitively and psychically. Environmental sensitivity is felt on an extreme level because of how attuned natives are to outside influences. There is confusion when it comes to identity. One person may think natives are sweethearts, while others may think natives are cold. This is due to the fact that others see what they want to see in natives of this placement. In addition, there is a shroud of mystery surrounding natives because of how alluring they come off as. 

Pluto: With Pluto in the First House, you view the world in a transformative way. Natives are intimidating, intense, secretive, powerful and psychic. They need to be the head of the wolf pack because of their deep desire for power and authority. Since natives want to be seen as powerful, they hide their true feelings from others. Revealing too much about themselves is a huge “no no”. In that sense, people view natives as polarizing, mysterious and alluring.

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