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PUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Glitters:Sparkle and Shimmer

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The Quick Pro Glitter eyeshadows add a touch of shimmer and shine to your makeup routine. They are easy to apply and quick drying. They blend well and stay in place. I found that if I layered the shadows they have even more of a shimmer effect. I loved Queenie which is gold. Lust is a rose tone. Namaslay is a bit of a rose gold. When missed together they add great decision and sparkle to anyone’s eyes. I used Queenie as a liner under my lower lit. The Quick Pro Glitters can be set with a light dusting of powder. They dry evenly and don’t seem to crease. I will enjoy these very much during the summer. They work well with all skin types.The one suggestion I do have is that you may want to keep a moist cloth nearby to remove any excess or stray shadow.

I was recently sent a sample set of 3 Quick Pro Glitters eyeshadows on behalf of PUR Cosmetics. The Quick Pro Glitters are sold in a set of 5 that can be purchased via Pur Cosmetics website or at Ulta or Kohls. You may want to check with your local retailers for further information.

The colors I was sent were the following:



Namaslay is a rose gold color. It glides on well. The applicator on the handles are a silicone material. As you can see the color has a lovely shimmer to it in natural light.



Lust is a rose color. It is highly pigmented and has a varying jewel tone to it. Depending on the light it looks a bit darker than lightens.


Queenie is a gold color. It is bright and shimmery. It captures and reflects natural sunlight well.

Swatch test in bright sunlight.

Top: Lust Center: Namaslay Bottom: Queenie

Today I created a look created using all of the Quick Pro Glitters. I didn’t use any other shadow beside these. I wanted to see how well they worked with my skin tone. I also wanted to see if I had any adverse reactions as well.

So I started by applying Lust first. Since it is a stronger pigment it glided on easily. I will suggest that you pat it on or dab it on. Since the Quick Pro Glitters are wet a fair amount can collect on the applicator. I found that it takes  a few seconds to possibly a minute for the eyeshadow to dry. I then opted to use Namaslay on the outer corners of my eye. I took an eyeshadow brush and blended it. You will see the glitter as you blend outward.

Once I blended the two Glitters this was the result. You can see it has a lovely shimmer along with a dimensional effect. The Namaslay adds a bit of prismatic effect as well. The Lust offers that hint of deep rose shimmer. I will admit I did end up with the Quick Pro Glitters all over my eyelashes as you see in the photo. This will be a bit of a learning experience.

I next tried to add Queenie as a liner. I used an angled brush to apply it.

It worked to a point but I found that using the applicator was a bit easier. I think I also had to try to let it dry a bit before applying it.

Here are a few pictures of my finished look. The first two photos were taken with my phone. The second set was taken with my camera.



All in all, this set is very easy to use and apply. I liked the size of the containers because they are compact. You can take them with you on the go. I also liked that the applicator are a silicone type material. They glide well on your eyelids and conform to your lids.

The overall color is highly pigmented and the glitter is noticeable. I had glitter all over my shirt when I was done. It isn’t too overwhelming but just something to take note of. I can say that I didn’t have any adverse reactions nor did I have itchy eyes.

The Quick Pro Glitters from PUR Cosmetics are a fun addition to any makeup bag. You can visit the links provided in the article to learn more.

Thank you to PUR Cosmetics for this collaboration and review opportunity.

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