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@Regrann from @worlddaycalendar – July 17th is:
📌World Emoji Day
Global Hug Your Kid Day
National Get Out of the Doghouse Day
National Peach Ice Cream Day
National Tattoo Day
World Day for International Justice
Wrong Way Corrigan Day
Yellow Pig Day
✔️Happy World Emoji Day! Post your favorite emojis below. #71717
• World Emoji Day is on July 17 since it’s the date displayed on the iOS (Apple) Calendar Emoji.
• The Empire State Building is being lit emoji-yellow for World Emoji Day. If you’re in New York City, look up!
• The most-used emoji on Twitter and Facebook is the laugh-cry emoji.😂
• More than 5 billion emoji are sent every day on Messenger.
• “Emoji” comes from the Japanese words for picture (e) and character (moji).

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