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Signs as Harry Potter Spells

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Aries: Crucio – second unforgivable curse, tortures your opponent mercilessly
Taurus: Confringo – blasting curse, causes the targeted item to explode
Gemini: Bombarda – causes a small, contained explosion
Cancer: Accio – brings an object to you
Leo: Confundus – makes your target temporarily confused
Virgo: Episkey – heals relatively minor wounds
Libra: Levicorpus – turns your opponent upside down and dangles them in the air
Scorpio: Avada Kedavra – the unforgivable curse, kills your opponents
Sagittarius: Lumos – creates light
Capricorn: Wingardium Leviosa – allows user to make an object levitate
Aquarius: Silencio – makes target unable to make any sound
Pisces: Stupefy – stupefies an opponent

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