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Single for Valentine’s Day? It’s not the end of the world

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I don’t know about anyone else but it seems like as soon as February 1st hits your bombarded by ads for Valentine’s day. I find it funny how the ads dictate if you don’t buy your significant other jewelry, lingerie, electronics or a whole host of other items you don’t love them. I happened to be out over the weekend and I bought flowers. The cashier commented, “There you go we can buy our own flowers and candy.” I just smiled and nodded.

I find it funny that if your single for the day of love those around you step up to remind you that you’re in their thoughts. I like that and I thanked my friends who sent me nice texts this morning. It’s nice to be loved we can all admit that. I also find it amusing that if you’re single you can celebrate Single’s day or Galentine’s day or Palentine’s day. I think that’s all fine and dandy but don’t pity someone because they are single today.

Many of us are single for a variety of reasons. Yes, we may bitch and moan about not having someone in our lives. I’m calling myself out on that one right now. On a side note for those of you who put up with our bitching and moaning on the subject thanks, you deserve a medal. But I also know many people who are perfectly content with being single. I like everyone else have days where I think having a partner would be a hell of a lot more fun. Yet again I also have the days where I’m happy just to be me. I don’t have to worry about being anywhere or having to deal with excess drama on any level.

No matter what your feelings are today have a great day. Do things you love. Be it spending time with those you love or things you enjoy.

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