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sister sign lessons

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Aries + Libra:

Aries teaches Libra that backbones exist and they should put themselves first + Libra teaches Aries that other people have feelings and opinions that matter just like they do
Taurus + Scorpio:

Taurus teaches Scorpio that earth does have things to offer so they should be happy with life while they’re living it instead of worrying about what’s next + Scorpio teaches Taurus to not be so materialistic and learn they should live life to make it worth while because YOLO
Gemini + Sagittarius:

Gemini teaches Sag to go with the flow and to let their curiosity get the best of them sometimes + Sag teaches Gemini what goals are and to search for meaning and be a little bit deep when it comes to finding more random knowledge
Cancer + Capricorn:

Cancer teaches Cap that it’s okay to have feelings, to appreciate the small things in life, and not be so gruff and focused on work + Cap teaches Cancer to not be ashamed of pursuing their goals and to be a little bit independent emotionally
Leo + Aquarius:

Leo teaches Aqua that they should share their love and a part of that is sharing how they feel + Aqua teaches Leo how to love and help the greater good and to go out and search for new things that interest them and not hold on to the past
Virgo + Pisces:

Virgo teaches Pisces to face their problems and emotions head on and that a little life structure goes a long way + Pisces teaches Virgo how to dream (because it’s not a waste of time), what subtlety is, and to go with the flow if things don’t turn out the way they were “supposed” to
*check sun and moon*

The Gemini sister signs is spot on.

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