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Social Media Romeo’s Have you encountered them?

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I’ve been noticing that more and more profiles are being struck by random messaging. No matter what site you are on be it Instagram or Facebook. Many other social sites may have this trend on the rise as well. Those sites are the two sites that come to mind for me right now. I think these befrienders have different names. I’ve seen people refer to them as trolls or scammers. I like to use the term internet Romeo’s or social media Romeo’s. For this post, I will use the latter. Social media Romeo’s seems to be a better term because it doesn’t just include one set social site. This befriending theme is nothing new for me. I posted about it last year. You can read it here.

I think both genders have experienced this random messaging or befriending. Personally, I have noticed it more via Facebook and Instagram. Many are profiles that are representing men. The reason I use the term representing is because you never really know who the owner or the user of said profile may be. I have come across a few profiles that have followed me via Instagram and so far these are the top five signs I have noticed right off the bat.

  1. They are usually male. The age range varies but most times they are in their 30’s to early 40’s.
  2. Their profiles are all about them. This being said they come off as narcissists. Their profiles are full of selfies.
  3. Messages are always random in terms of introductions. They have ranged from Can we talk? to I think you’re pretty.
  4. Their profiles are lacking. Their profile is just a screen name but no other info. I know some people like filling in profile bio’s but still something as simple as I like dogs works. At least you know the person likes something.
  5. They ask a million questions about you but don’t share much about themselves. Or it may be vague info about themselves. I’ve also had a few who claim to be from the US but are in other countries for various reasons.

I’ve also noticed that some profiles may be private. But that also varies from profile to profile. I find it interesting how these social media Romeo’s conduct themselves. I’ve had a few guys try to impress me by saying they were in the military. I don’t know how that’s supposed to be a pick up line but okay. I’ve also had a few guys give me the same lines of being widowers. This is something that also raises a red flag for me. If these social media Romeo’s only want to be friends why share their relationship status with me within the first few minutes.

I’ve also had them ask a million questions about me but not share anything about themselves besides being a widower or divorced. Basically, they want to play the lonely card. I’m not saying that this may not be the case but it still makes me a bit weary. I’ve even had some of these social media Romeo’s send me pictures of children or of themselves (or so they claim to be anyway) I did not ask for either and usually stop the conversation there.

You’re probably wondering why I interact with these social media Romeo’s at this point. At times I do it just to see what they want or what they have to say. But the last two guys who have sent me messages via Instagram have taken the cake.

I had one guy from the UK try to use reverse psychology on me in an effort to get me to share my past relationship trauma. Now that chat was funny. I felt like I was talking to three different people at once. He was entertaining, to say the least. One minute he wanted to know more about me then he made it sound like I was going to fall madly in love with him sight unseen.

Here’s an example of a portion of that chat.  (My chat bubble is the dark gray one. Also please forgive any typos on my end.)

Just the other day I had another social media Romeo message me. He even asked if I lived alone. I’m sorry but who asks that within the first three questions?

Here’s the chat if you’d like to read it.

If you’re curious I have yet to have a reply back to my last comment in that chat. I don’t know if anything will be done regarding social media Romeo’s but I think it is something to be aware of. I know some people have been swept away by the kind words or attention.I’ve been there myself when I was younger I had a catfishing experience. I think at times these chats are entertaining and mind-boggling but still take caution and watch for the red flags.

If you have any thoughts on the topic I’d love to hear them. Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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