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Social Media Romeo’s: You have to love their persistence.

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The topic of Social Media Romeo’s isn’t a new one for me. You can see my previous post here. You can use any name you like when referring to them but the chatter is always the same. It is a random message via any form of social media saying hello. From there, things take a turn.

For me, the Social Media Romeo’s have pestered me via Instagram. For some reason, my profile has attracted a fair share of widowers and divorced men (or male profiles) trying to get to know me better.  I’ve gotten to the point where I can guess how long it will take a new follower to contact me.

As I mentioned in previous posts many of the profiles are lacking in bio info. They are usually just a photo with a screen name. Also, some are private which is always a bit of a red flag for me as well. Another thing I’ve noticed is that many of these Social Media Romeo’s profiles are that they are full of selfies.

Well, this week I had a new follower and within a few hours, I had a message request. Nothing new just a basic hello. Weil, I replied and the chat was lackluster, to say the least.  The usual exchange of a million questions with a few compliments thrown in. I like to pose the question of “Do you pick profiles at random to message?” many of the replies are funny (in my opinion). As you can guess that’s when the flattery starts.

Today the same profile messaged me again. I replied when I had a chance. Well, let me tell you there is nothing funnier than watching someone have a hissy fit via message.  I had a very good laugh.

Before I get ahead of myself let me start off by saying I think most of these profiles are scammers because everyone who has contacted me seems to be from overseas or stationed there.  Today’s chat was a bit interesting this person hoped to expand on our new-found friendship. Nothing out of the ordinary but still gave me a good laugh. I’ll post a examples below.

My text is in the darker gray bubbles.




Doesn’t sudden declarations of admiration and love make any girl’s heart skip a beat? I didn’t think so either but I had the best laugh. I always wonder how many people fall for these lines. As you can see my comments were met with more flattery.

Well, the chat kept on for a while longer. I will admit this person called themselves out at one point during the chat because they asked not to be compared with scammers. Which made me think a bit more. I called them out on their comment which eventually led to what they perceived as an argument. This eventually led to the what I called a hissy fit via message. I’ll let you decide.

They were determined for me to be their friend. This was what triggered the discussion below

I sat and read all of that and thought wow this person is nuts. If they get so worked up over a simple I’ll see. That’s what annoyed me even more. If they are so determined to make a friend being pushy or commanding isn’t going to make anyone want to befriend them any quicker. Following this hissy fit the latest Social Media Romeo feigned sick and had to go.

I don’t know if I will hear from them again but I can say I did have a great laugh and I will pass the entire chat along to a friend who will too.

Have you had this happen recently? Share your stories in the comments below.



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