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songs from musicals I associate with the signs

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Aries: Wild And Untamed Thing, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Energy. Passion. Rebellion.

Taurus: Money, Cabaret

Realism. Yearning. Luxury.

Gemini: Cell Block Tango, Chicago

Wit. Duplicity. Charm.

Cancer: Dear Theodosia, Hamilton

Compassion. Parenting. Hope.

Leo: Fabulous Baby, Sister Act

Talent. Drama. Pride.

Virgo: Non-stop, Hamilton

Ambition. Hard work. Writing.

Libra: A Heart Full Of Love, Les Miserables

Soumates. Pining. Beauty.

Scorpio: Dead Girl Walking, Heathers

Chaos. Secrets. Sex.

Sagittarius: Totally Fucked, Spring Awakening

Energy. Learning. Life.

Capricorn: Don’t You Want Me?, American Psycho

Ambition. Success. Envy.

Aquarius: Do You Hear The People Sing?, Les Miserables

Revolution. Hope. Innovation.

Pisces: The Raven, Nevermore

Delusion. Dreaming. Superstition.

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