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Special Guest App: A new way to hire talent or showcase your own

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(image provided by Kris Jones)

I was recently contacted and asked if I’d like to review Special Guest I was a bit hesitant at first. After I stopped to check the site out I agreed. The site is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. There is also an app you can download that is currently available in the Apple app store. I will be focusing mainly on the website. This is a great concept and offers a great opportunity for people to find talent or even showcase their own.

(photo provided by Kris Jones)

The website and app were created by Damon Waynes Jr. and Kristopher B. Jones. You can learn more from the creators of the website and app here.

The site as I mentioned is very user-friendly it offers two ways to search and hire talent. You can search using a drop-down list that allows you to search talent list and state. You can also browse talent by state and city as well.

Here are two examples of the search system.

When you view the browse talent link (above photo) you see the available categories. They range from actors/actresses to photographers to speakers. When I browsed the site I used this option. For example, I browsed photographers and videographers. This opens a sub-listing that offers a wide range of photographers and videographers. You can click the sub list you’d like and find your city. I was surprised to see my city (Riverside) was on the list. I opted to view photographers in the Los Angles area because I knew there would be a wider selection.

I clicked on a few profiles at random. The profiles include a bio, pricing, video or photos (both in some cases). Along with any additional info, they would like to add such as cancellation policy info. The profiles can also be rated by customers as well.  There is also a book button that lets you book talent.

Special Guest is great. It would be useful for anyone who would like to have more exposure for their business or services. The site is free to join. A user account allows you to book talent for your upcoming event. A talent account allows you to create a profile and gain more exposure. I think this website and app have great potential and versatility. The variety of talent will fit anyone’s needs. You can book talent when on the go.

One thing I will mention is that if there isn’t any talent available in your city. The site will give you a list of talent listed for a larger city. For example. I just browsed photographers in my city (Riverside) there aren’t any at this time. So the site shows a list of photographers in Los Angles. For the most part that isn’t an issue but I just thought I’d point that out.

So don’t forget to check out Special Guest before your next event or party.


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