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HI all I thought I’d share this email. Cool Koala products is looking for amazon reviewers with babies. They are launching a a new baby product. Please contact John Hayes at koolkoalaproducts@gmail.com if you are interested. The email requirements that are listed in the email that was sent to me may very by reviewer.

Spice Up Your Life Herb Grinder By TG Products

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The opinion on this product is my own. 

I was recently contacted by an amazon seller and asked if I would review a herb grinder.

I was sent the grinder at a discount.

I agreed and figured it would be a good item to use in the kitchen.  Well it arrived yesterday. I didn’t have a chance to use it until today. Well I can say this much it is useful. It is very durable it is made of an food grade metal with 4 remove able pieces. The grinder top and interlocking bottom. A sieve bottom to catch the product you grind and a twist on bottom which can hold the small plastic cleaning spatula. 

After I washed and dried it I set about trying to test The Spice Up Your Life Herb grinder on various spices and herbs. To say the least it was a bit of a learning experience.

I first started off with pepper corns. Well it worked some what but I think placed too many pepper corns in the grinding chamber because it was hard to get the lid on properly. To grind you just twist the lid back and forth.  Suffice to day it did work but left some pepper corns rather crushed and others whole.

I next tried semi-crushed and dried Basil leaves.It did work. As you see below it did help grind down some of the larger leaf pieces. It was a bit of an improvement from where I started. 

I then tried red pepper flakes. I had a similar result to the dried Basil. It ground up the larger flakes but left a lot of them still whole.

As you can see  it did leave a  lot of larger flakes that slip through the holes in the grinder. 

I next went on and tired cloves which worked but kept falling through the holes in the grinder. I also tried All Spice it worked well and was broken down into decent pieces. I figured you needed to apply even pressure as you press the grinder lid to it’s base for a better result. Some of the All Spice did have some chunks but if you re-grind it the issue should be resolved.

For the final test I used fresh Basil from my garden. Now this worked very well. it left the Basil leaves in decent pieces. So in short I think this herb grinder works well. It will be a bit of trial and error like with most new kitchen gadgets to see how it meets your own personal needs. I found it worked great on fresh herbs best. On a side note I also tried fresh Rosemary but I think the leaves were too small because they slipped through the holes in the grinder to get an accurate test. This would be a great addition to any kitchen or for anyone who likes to grind their own fresh herbs. 

If you have any questions or comments I’d be happy to answer them the best I can. For more information about Spice Up Your Life Herb Grinder please visit the link below.