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Contacting Companies: What I’ve learned so far – Part 2


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A few weeks ago I started to email companies to ask if they partnered with bloggers. It was more of a whim idea that has taken off. You can read my first post here.

I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks. I mainly started out emailing companies I liked or items I used daily such as pens, markers or other things like that.  Recently I’ve been branching out to contact other companies such as cosmetics, skin care, and tech.

I will say this much as I mentioned in my previous post. Some companies reply quickly. By that, I mean within hours or a day. Other’s you may not hear back from at all. I will admit that some cosmetics companies will tell you straight out that they have so many emails they can’t get to all of them. So you may have a long wait.

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Contacting companies-What I’ve learned so far

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been contacting companies and asking them if they offer ambassador programs or something similar. I came across an article about brand ambassadors last year and figured it might be something I’d like to try.

I was sitting at my desk one day and figured I’d contact all the companies I use regularly. For instance, I emailed Sharpie, 3M, paper mate and a few others.I use the contact us link via their websites. I select the other option in the drop down lists. I keep my question short and simple.

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Essentially two books in one, Sponsored Content


The opinion expressed is my own. I was compensated with a free book thanks to a giveaway and a promotion via Tomoson.com


Update: here’s are two links that offer about the author and the book



This is the second book I’ve read this month about how to make money via your blog. I have also read an introduction to setting up a blog. you can read more about those books here and here. 

How to Make Big Bucks From Big Blog by Brandon Colker has a very easy to read book. I love the introduction he uses a very funny reference to a Simpson’s episode which outlines Homer’s misunderstanding of how the internet works along with is following follies. I found that funny because as I was reading the text the episode came back to me. You can watch the full episode here

In a sense his comparison is very similar to anyone who is starting out founding a blog. I for one am still trying to figure things out along with trying to find my own writing style and voice.  It is very comforting to know that many new blogger’s fine the task of setting up a blog daunting. 

Mr. Colker’s writing style is very easy to read and essentially two books in one.He beings by outlining the basics of setting up a blog in an easy to follow steps. He is very open ended in his writing which means he lays out the basics with out naming or endorsing any websites per say. He is very thorough in his outlines. One thing that I did love was the fact that he stresses that you should not think you will be an over-nigh success. yes there have been many over-night successes but in many cases you have to put a lot of time and effort into a blog before you can reap the benefits. 

He beings the book with the steps you take to set up your blog such as find your topics, any type of branding you want to use and ways to set up your blog. He also talks about niche blogs and how you may fill a need if you have expertise in a certain subject. He also discusses 

 He also uses the term Passive Income. This basically means earning income with out having to put a lot of time and effort into your blog.

This Passive Income may come from the following forms: Advertising,Affiliate programs, Direct sales , Seminars, or even speaking engagements. The latter of course are for people who have an established blog or a high traffic blog. The final two chapter deals with social  media and ways to help expand your blog expertise. 

In short I think this book was very well written and was informative with out having too much filler . Mr. Colker is straight-forward in his writing but still explains his point well. 

For more info please visit the link below.