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Got Me Tipsy Glassware funny wine glasses


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Honestly I’m not a wine drinker but I know many people who are. So when I was asked to review these glasses I accepted. I knew they would make a perfect gift.

The Glasses I reviewed are the one above that lists

What Night?

Great Night

Good Night

Along with another one that  states  My Therapy as shown below


Both glasses are made of high quality glass and look very sturdy. The etching seems to be well done and looks like it will last through many washing’s. The bases are very sturdy as is the stem. The stem is tapered but still looks solid.

The What Night ?  glass seems to be a little taller then the My Therapy glass. The goblets however seem to about the same. Like with many wine glasses I would suggest you hand wash it to preserve the etching. The glasses are sold individually.

So if you know of anyone who loves funny or novelty wine glasses these would make the perfect gift.  For more info about the glasses please visit the links below

What Night Glass


My Therapy Glass



Derma|e is Coming to Target in January 2016


UPDATE: 1-21-2016

I wanted to Thank BrandBacker and Derma|e for allowing me to share this info with you once again. If you are looking for something new that has natural ingredients please give this company a try. Thanks again for taking the time out to read about my experiences using these great products. Don’t forget to visit link belwo or your local Target store or Target.com to learn more

I am excited to be sharing some new products that will be available at Target starting in January.

I am eager to share my experience with the products and about Target. I am happy to share this photo of the products that were included in my preview kit.


The Derma | e products  I will be sharing my experiences about will be the following:

1. Firming DMAE eye lift creme

2. a Hydrating night creme

3. Hydrating day creme

4. Firming DMAE moisturizer

I would like to thank Target and  Derma | e  along with Brand Backer for allowing me to share this new and upcoming products with everyone

For more info about the firming DMAE eye lift product visit the link below


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