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Kinzd – 3 Unique Wallets to fit everyone’s needs.



I was recently contacted by a representative from Kinzd and asked if I would like to post a  review for their products. I agreed so they sent me the 3 products in the photo. Kinzd sells a variety of wallets and similar items. I had never heard of this company until they contacted me. You can purchase directly from their website or via Amazon. 

Lichee Pattern Magnetic Leather Money Clip


This money clip wallet is a nice size and offers a slim or minimalist design. The money clip is held closed by a magnet as stated in the product title.


On closer inspection, it offers 3 card slots on the money clip side.

you can see a better view of the large magnet that is used for the money clip in this photo. it seems pretty secure.

The wallet also offers an inside pocket for any other extra cards or money you would like to carry with you.

The back side offers an ID slot.

This would be great to use when you travel or if you only need to carry the bear minimum with you when you got out.


Slim Wallet For Men Minimalist

This is another slim wallet. It’s great because as you can see it offers an ID window along with two card slots. One above the ID window and another one behind it. 

This is a top view of the slot behind the ID window. You can use this to store extra cards or money.

It also has a center pocket for anything else you’d like to carry. Again assume money or cards. It also has another pocket in the back with 3 cards slots. (Sorry my scissors were in the picture I forgot to move them.)

Once again this wallet would be good for traveling or if you just want to carry everything with you. 

Event though this is marketed to men I think many women would like it as well because it would fit in a clutch purse or in a pocket. this would also be great if you were a student because it fits in a pocket or backpack without having to take up too much room


Minimalist Wallet

This has to be the most interesting wallet I’ve ever seen. It’s  basically a looped elastic. It has a front pocket that can hold a key or extra change.

The inside offers two slots they both fit cards. You can also put money in them or in the center of the band.

I think this wallet would be good to use if you run or to take to the gym since you can attach it to your keys or lanyard. This would also be good for students or maybe even children who need to carry a key.


I will post some videos soon.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free for review and testing purposes.