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The signs as as popular Pinterest pin boards

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Aries: Tattoo ideas, art boards, special FX and body art boards

Taurus: fitness boards, healthy eating, inspirational quotes

Gemini: Kpop boards, Kpop album aesthetics, Korean fashion, concept aesthetics

Cancer: Wedding boards, fashion and beauty boards

Leo: character aesthetics, character boards, fandom boards, nerdy boards

Virgo: travel boards, photography, sunset boards

Libra: Pantone paint swatches, room ideas, pastel boards

Scorpio: shipping boards, nsfw boards, Larme Kei

Sagittarius: anime/manga boards, pixel art, distopian writing inspirations

Capricorn: makeup boards, neon lights boards, Instagram ideas

Aquarius: text boards, horror boards, black and white, my style boards, vintage clothing

Pisces: Harajuku fashion, 90s anime screenshots, vaporwave, tumblr inspiration, fairy Kei

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