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The signs as cats

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Aries: The cat that grooms itself for hours
Taurus: The cat that meows when their food bowl is half empty or there is something floating in their water bowl
Gemini: The cat that runs around crazily in the night like a demon
Cancer: The cat that follows you around meowing for attention
Leo: The cat that refuses to eat dry food
Virgo: The cat that licks you affectionately
Libra: The cat that really likes the shower/bathtub
Scorpio: The cat that must thoroughly explore each new box, bag or item set on the floor
Sagittarius: The cat that locks eyes with you as they knock something on a table over
Capricorn: The cat that you constantly catch giving you a hard side eye
Aquarius: The cat that eats your plants
Pisces: The cat that sleeps on their back in the sun, and gets up to move as the light shifts

Pal’s a Taurus all right.

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