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the signs as stages of falling in love

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Aries: stage 9, confession – admitting to the person that you fallen completely head-over-heels for them.
Taurus: stage 1, initial attraction – recognizing that, for whatever reason, you would potentially like to be with this person.
Gemini: stage 3, friendship – establishing friendly relations with the person in hopes of getting to know them better.
Cancer: stage 10, comfort – feeling completely at ease with the person; being able to tell them anything/do anything with them.
Leo: stage 4, envy – wishing that it was you that was spending the most time with this person.
Virgo: stage 11, planning – looking ahead to the future with this person.
Libra: stage 12, bliss – complete, utter, and total happiness shared by the both of us.
Scorpio: stage 7, lust – becoming even more physically attracted to the person in hopes of getting them in bed.
Sagittarius: stage 6, bravery – owning up to the fact that you are falling deeper and deeper for the person at hand.
Capricorn: stage 2, investigation – finding out more about the person to evaluate whether they’d be right for you.
Aquarius: stage 8, hope – being convinced that there is a chance for you and waiting for the right time to take a shot.
Pisces: stage 5, embarrassment – being flustered around the person, trying to avoid them because you know they make you nervous.

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