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The Signs as typical book characters

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  • ARIES: That psycho guy who loses his shit because of every little thing.
  • TAURUS: That cute nerdy girl, wearing glasses, having a kind heart.
  • GEMINI: The wise old man giving advices.
  • CANCER: That person who looks the weakest but actually always finds ways to stay alive.
  • LEO: That hoe that gets killed in the main villain’s bed.
  • VIRGO: The actual villain.
  • LIBRA: The main character’s first love.
  • SCORPIO: The character whom everyone suspects turning out to be the villain.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Crazy party person, always drunk, funny.
  • CAPRICORN: Cold-hearted detective who ends up admitting his week sides.
  • AQUARIUS: That super strong, hot, feministic lady doing her job flawlessly.
  • PISCES: That useless nerd who dies first.

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