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The Signs’ Fears

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Aries: Death, plain and simple. The knowledge that one day existence will cease and words will be left unspoken.
Taurus: Poisoning. The idea that anything may hold a toxin terrifies this food loving sign.
Gemini: Clowns. Hates the thought of a corrupted joyful childhood symbol.
Cancer: Blindness. Savors the beauty of the world and fears its loss.
Leo: Insects and bugs. Does not like things they cannot clearly see.
Virgo: Disease. It is uncontrollable and unstoppable, and it cannot be dealt with gracefully.
Libra: Old Age. Believes that youth is the pinnacle of life.
Scorpio: Heights. Hates feeling small and insignificant.
Sagittarius: Soiling of their reputation. Is neurotic about keeping up their image.
Capricorn: Drowning. Hates the thought that a benevolent force such as the sea can become violent.
Aquarius: Car/Plane crashes. Distrusts technology and machinery. Traditional.
Pisces: Love. Fears that their thoughts may become clouded by their emotions.

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