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Their hearts vs their minds…

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An Aries’ heart
is full of passion, desire, contradictive emotions.
An Aries’ mind is on fixed their own well-being.

A Taurus’ heart is protective towards their loved ones.
A Taurus’ mind is possessive and often easily jealous.

A Gemini’s heart is indifferent, it never rules their existance.
A Gemini’s mind is brilliant.

A Cancer’s heart is loving but fragile.
A Cancer’s mind is unstable, often full of madness.

A Leo’s heart is caring but needs to be appreciated.
A Leo’s mind is uncontrollable.

A Virgo’s heart is hard to understand.
A Virgo’s mind is self-destructive.

A Libra’s heart is demanding but gentle.
A Libra’s mind is creative, full of new ideas.

A Scorpio’s heart is addictive.
A Scorpio’s mind craves for revenge.

A Sagittarius’ heart is beyond reach.
A Sagittarius’ mind is restless.

A Capricorn’s heart is secretly brittle.
A Capricorn’s mind is strong-willed towards what they want most.

An Aquarius’ heart never runs out of power.
An Aquarius mind is ingenious.

A Pisces heart is many-sided.
A Pisces mind is lost in dreams.

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