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One of the greatest gifts of Nine Inch Nails as art has been the ability for fans to make their own interpretations/connections to Trent’s introspection, concepts, and production. Oddly though, there’s been some talk on echoing the sound as of late that the career spanning references in artwork, NTAE, the re-issues, and Deviations 1 are all part of a new Year Zero ARG. There are people involved with ADD VIOLENCE that were part of the previous ARG, but beyond that, we just have some exceptional art, installation, and music. I truly believe the EP’s are an exploration of past eras, themes, and moods of NIN to create a story about finding ones place in this world, but as anything, I could be wrong. With that said, I do think it is audacious to assume that since 1989 Trent has been planning one giant ARG, and that intensely personal projects such as Broken, TDS, The Fragile, Ghosts I-IV, and Hesitation Marks were all just faked to be part of an ARG. With that said, ADD VIOLENCE is astounding_

What are your thoughts?

I had to reblog this because it is interesting. People have been freaking out since  ADD VIOLENCE  was announced. Granted we all like to try to find correlations or symbolism in music. I will call myself out on that one. But sometimes I think people go crazy over what could be or what should be. Either way, it’s an interesting short read. 

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