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What love feels like to Venus in the signs..

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Venus in Aries: love correlates to euphoria, pure joy, it comes like a storm

Venus in Taurus: love is felt physically, makes you feel warm & snuggly

Venus in Gemini: love is the missing piece, like the puzzle is complete

Venus in Cancer: love is like a safety blanket making you fearless
Venus in Leo: love here is an enormous desire to give all, receive all

Venus in Virgo: love answers all your questions, quiets all the voices down

Venus in Libra: love gives you identity, you can finally be your whole self

Venus in Scorpio: love’s liberating. it fulfills you in the deepest way possible

Venus in Sagittarius: love energizes you completely, mind, body, soul

Venus in Capricorn: with love comes a strangely satisfying sense of fragility

Venus in Aquarius: love is the sweet destruction of your rationality away 

Venus in Pisces: love is a fairy tale, a dream, it’s the romanticization of every detail… “voir la vie en rose”


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