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Why people fall for the signs

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Aries: You’re exciting, adventurous, when dating you there is never a dull moment and you love fiercely and passionately

Taurus: You’re incredible sweet and when you date somebody you make a home and a life out of the relationship, it’s wonderful

Gemini: You’re personality is lovable and you really know how to connect to other people, you always make others laugh

Cancer: You’re so caring to other people and you aren’t afraid to show your emotions, you are very real in a relationship

Leo: You’re incredible generous, you give double the amount of attention your partners gives you and you always make others smile

Virgo: You are very protecting of others, you don’t play games and others find that, and you, very attractive

Libra: You’re very charming and people are naturally drawn to you and your charisma, your also always down to party

Scorpio: You’re compassionate and you love very strong and deeply, you are known to be very honest

Sagittarius: You have a free spirit that others love, you’re also down for an adventure and to travel and experience life with those you love

Capricorn: You’re committed to your relationship and people love that about you, you are driven and very charming

Aquarius: You’re mysterious and people love the chase of getting to know you, you’re deep and people love finding out who you really are

Pisces: You’re warm hearted and extremely caring, you’re accepting of everybody and people love your personality

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