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zodiac as mutuals

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(check ur sun and rising)
aries: the mutual who posts memes about jacking off and doesnt tag their nsfw.
taurus: the mutual who has stuck with you for five or six different fandoms and is still sticking around. they’re still posting whatever it is you originally became mutuals for.
gemini: the funnyman mutual. adds comments to all their reblogs (if it’s not on the actual post, it’s definitely in the tags.) will razz you by posting your discord chats on their blog.
cancer: the mutual who only posts depression memes and pictures of their favorite animal (99% it’s cats, birds, or snakes.)
leo: friend mutual. always comments on your posts. ride or die. if you reblog their selfies, they will consistently reblog yours.
virgo: the mutual who has really specific tags for every fandom they’re in. incidentally this is also the mutual who IMs you every time you make sad text posts to see if you’re ok.
libra: the discourse mutual. they always give u a heart attack by reblogging some horrible ugly post but then you scroll down and they fucking decimated OP so it’s ok.
scorpio: the mutual who’s constantly remaking their blog when their follower count gets too high (bc they dont want more than 100 people reading their text posts at any given time)
sagittarius: the mutual who’s always posting those “send me asks about [x]” memes. this is also the mutual most likely to send you anons or asks if you post about wanting that sort of thing.
capricorn: the mutual who doesn’t interact with you at all but reblogs 90% of your content.
aquarius: the mutual who posts anything from existential philosophy to day drinking memes to positivity posts all in the span of five minutes.
pisces: the aesthetic mutual (but also memes). probably has one of those redirects when you visit the page that sends you to some tag that’s like “mer” or “aes” or “pink” so u dont see their sadposts.

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